Shannon Anthony

"If you do things today that others won't do, you'll have things tomorrow that others won't have..."

Name: Shannon Anthony

Goes by: ShanRock

Hometown: Kokomo, Indiana

Height on skates: 6'4"

Began skating: 9 years old.

Favorite thing about performing: Knowing that we make a difference in peoples lives, being positive role models and interacting the the fans!

Inspiration: The fans and being able to chase my dreams and accomplish goals.

Interests: Super Bikes, Playstation, Horror & Mystery movies, Snowboarding, and International lifestyles.

Instagram: Breaksk8shannon

Jessy Nice

"Stay ready so you will always be ready."

Name: Jessy Nice

Goes by: Mr. Nice

Hometown: Peru, IN

Height on skates: 6'5"

Began skating: 1993

Favorite thing about performing: Putting smiles on peoples faces and making my friends and family proud of me.

Inspiration: The fans and being able to chase my dreams and accomplish goals.

Interests: I love to listen to music and watch movies. I mostly play Xbox and if you see me online hit me up I go by the gamer tag of NOTSONICE.

Instagram: Breaksk8nice

Jamie Jarman

"Luck is when preperation meets opportunity"

Name: Jamie Jarman

Goes by: Jamie J

Hometown: Florence, KY

Height on skates: 5'10"

Began skating: 2003

Favorite thing about performing: Proving all the haters wrong! Inspiration: Being able to do what I love for a living, I am grateful for all the fans and supporters!

Interests: Traveling the world, Video Games and Professional Sports!

Instagram: Breaksk8jamie

Tony Zane

"Follow your dreams til the end..."

Name: Anthony Zane

Goes by: Tony Zane

Hometown: Lansing, Il

Height on skates: 5'8"

Began skating: 2002

Favorite thing about performing: Making the people cheer with my crew...

Inspiration: My inspiration comes from the fans and my crew

Interests: Other than skating, B-boying,and anything that's fun!

Instagram: tony_zane

Kyle Cumper

"All the hardwork today will pay off tomorrow!"

Name: Kyle Cumper

Goes by: The Cump

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Height on skates: I am a tall Midget!

Began skating: 2002

Favorite thing about performing: I love meeting the fans after the show and hearing about all the positive effects Breaksk8 has on peoples lives!

Inspiration: All the skaters, supporters and fans that have made me who I am today!

Interests: Cars, DJing, Maintenance Technicians and Camera people!

Instagram: Breaksk8kyle

Nick Antrim

"Home is where you make it!"

Name: Nick Antrim

Goes by: The Tantrum

Hometown: Kokomo, IN

Height on skates: 5'11"

Began skating: 2000

Favorite thing about performing: Meeting all the different people and see places all over the world!

Inspiration: My family and all the support they have given me!

Interests: Teaching young skaters how to skate!

Instagram: Breaksk8nick